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Monarch Mistfree Mirror System

The simple, quick, safe and easy answer to prevent mirror “fog”

How many times have you been in a bathroom to attend to your appearance or to shave only to find the mirror obscured by fog?

The Monarch Mirror Heater System is a mirror warming panel that simply adheres to the rear of bathroom mirrors to prevent the formation of annoying condensation obscuring vision thus providing a “mistfree” surface.

The running of shower or bath generates hot moisture-laden steam into the bathroom atmosphere which condensates and lingers on the cooler mirror surfaces. To compensate for this effect, the mirror warming system gently and quickly warms the mirror surface to prevent condensation from forming and assures a clear mistfree reflective surface is maintained.

For the miracle they perform, they are a relatively low cost innovation and are insulated against heat loss and use very little electricity.

Certainly, the Monarch Mirror System is an appropriate convenience to meet the standards required for the new generation of hotels, resorts and residential developments as we enter the new millennium.

Join these prestige properties featuring our Mistfree Mirror System: Marriott, Sheraton, Daikyo, ANA, Conrad International Hotels, SPHC-Parkroyal, Raffles International, Mandarin Oriental, Nikko, Shangri-la, Hilton International,  Westin, Ladyhill Condo, Ardmore Park and many other deluxe hotels, resorts and quality residential developments.

Decor Arts International is the exclusive representative for the Monarch Mistfree Mirror System.