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Decorarts International presents

Experience the charm of Asian inventiveness and the allure of Peranakan design. Discover these amazing pieces of art that commemorate Singapore’s history, culture, and add a touch of artistic sophistication to your home or office space.

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” Paintings
DSC05392-DA FAB1403-frame
Artist DA Fab

Fabric Art Design

DSC05340 -DA Sadudith 806 Fan with Robe
Artist Sadudith

Malaysian Artifacts

Artist Tan Thean Song
DSC06132-DA YamTY 8 Horses
Artist TY Yam
DSC05504-TZ6 Taking a break
Artist TZ Myanmese Artist Zaw
DA BAK Cherki 4 Red
BA Kloesman Cherki Artworks

Peranakan Window Facade-and-cherki-cards

DSC05074- DA BAK-02M Singapore River
BA Kloesman Line Drawings


DSC05356-DA FM 1703 Morning
Chang Fee Ming Paintings

Idyllic Rural Kampong Life Scenes Watercolour Paintings by Chang Fee Ming

DSC05469-HK1106 Norris road
Ching Hing Kang Paintings

Hawkers in Singapore Watercolour Paintings by Ching Hing Kang

DSC05146-DA CR 1006 Bakul Sia (Basket)
Clara Hung Mei Yee Paintings

A Tribute to the Peranakans Heritage Watercolour Paintings by Clara Hung Mei Yee

DSC05479-EM6 Kampong Penang
Edith Maquire Paintings

Singapore and Kampong Scenes Watercolour Paintings by Edith Maquire

DSC05186- DA EV 1508 Race Course Rd

Singapore's Eclectic & Colourful Architectural Tradition

DSC05192-DA SH 1801 Raffles Place, Singapore Circa. 1900
Fan Shao Hua “Early Days of Singapore” Paintings

Bringing Singapore to Live in this "Early Days of Singapore" Watercolour Paintings by Fan Shao Hua

Fan Shao Hua “The Ethnic Cultures of Singapore
DSC06042 -DA SH 1616 Nonya Beaded Slipper Maker
Fan Shao Hua “The Ethnic Cultures of Singapore,” Paintings

The Ethnic Cultures of Singapore viz Chinese, Indians, Malays & Peranakans Watercolour Paintings by Fan Shao Hua

DSC06002-DA BF 606 Boat Quay on Singapore River
Graham Byfield paintings

The Singapore Heritage Collection Watercolour Paintings by Graham Byfield

Local Artist Prints | DA HT 1301 Sister and Brother

Evocative Definitions of Lacquerworks & An Unconventional Expressionist

DSC05216-JF3 Sidewalk
James Ferrie Paintings

Singapore Scenes

DA HM101 Trailing Red | 3d wall art decor singapore
Lee Hock Moh Paintings

Singapore Orchids in Chinese Ink brought to live

DSC05092 -DA CC 904 Sago Street, Singapore
Loy Chye Chuan Paintings

Impressions of Disappearing Scenes of Singapore

DSC05911-DA TS 502 Batik Flora
Tan Thean Song Paintings

Capturing flower images on batik

DSC05384-DA JL203
Tang Juey Lee Paintings

Singapore Orchids in Chinese Ink brought to live

Tay Bak Koi watercolour painting
Tay Bak Koi Paintings

Landscape in Fantasy Idyllic Rural Life Scenes

DSC05130-DA CS 310 Chinatown
Tong Chin Sye Paintings

Capturing the Vanishing Scenes of Singapore

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