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BA Kloesman Line Drawings

BA Kloesman Line Drawings


B.A. Kloezeman’s meticulously detailed line drawings capture Singapore’s iconic skyline, architectural gems, and captivating landscapes.

BA Kloesman Line Drawings


BA Kloezeman was born in 1921 in Ipoh, Malaysia, and was a practising artist and art teacher in Canada. He created a series of art inspired by buildings and scenes in Singapore and rendered this selection featured in this website to be printed for collectors’ keepsake. BA Kloezeman each building and scene takes weeks to draw due to the challenging perspective of details.


DA BAK 801 Window Blue

DA BAK 801 Window Blue


DA BAK 802 Window Brown


DA BAK 803 Window Cream


DA BAK Cherki 2 Beige


DA BAK-01/L Skyline 1


DA BAK-02 Singapore River


DA BAK-03/L Clark Quay


DA BAK-11 Chinatown Street


DA BAK-12 Goodwood Park Hotel


DA BAK-13 Street Market


DA BAK-14 National Museum


DA BAK-15 Raffles Hotel


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